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Installing Cost Effective Insulation Solutions

Warm Homes Insulations LTD has become the preferred contractor of choice for house builders. We have a proven track record of servicing house builders with quality installation to the highest standards. We are proactive in our approach to future works on site and have a detailed process to confirm installations.

Party Wall Insulation

Party wall insulation (partitioning wall) was only recently put into building regulations and properties built pre 2012 are likely to have little or no insulation We use Knauf Supafil Party Wall insulation 14/5176 which can be installed drilling 3 holes from each elevation using a lance system.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Using Knauf Supafil, blown cavity insulation is installed from the interior of the building pre plaster. All injection holes are made good by ourselves following manufacturer and BBA guidelines, holes are drilled through the mortar joints and material is injected under pressure. With a 100mm cavity u-values of between 0.27 and 0.23 can be achieved.

Why use a blown solution for your cavity requirements:

  • No material storage required on site
  • No up-front cost of buying materials
  • No waste material or packaging

Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation installed is Knauf Earthwool which is lightweight, resilient, and non-combustible. It provides thermal, acoustic and fire performance.

Advice can be given on the most cost-effective solutions to achieve your specified U-Value. Zero O-Zone Depletion and Zero Global Warming Potential.

Timber Frame Insulation

As an alternative to traditional brick and block building of houses timber frame is still a growing part of build within the UK. We are able to assist with the value engineering of your specification in order to provide cost effective solutions from 2013 Part L Building Regs. This can be with glass mineral wool foam or PIR products together with vapour and air tightness membranes.

Warm Roof – Room in roof Insulation

This is for habitable areas within the roof space, the slopes of the roof can be insulated with either PIR Board or quilt, our Sales and Estimating team are available to offer advice on the most suitable process to meet your requirements.

Liquid Foam Insulation

Warm homes Insulation has various open cell and close cell products with system designs including lapolla and technitherm.

closed cell

For use as a spray-applied in-situ thermal insulation for pitched roofs and lofts of new and existing dwellings or similar buildings. Closed cell can be installed in cavity walls and also acts as a wall stabilisation for failed wall ties this can also be installed in flood hit areas as a defence barrier.

Open cell

Between and under timber rafters in warm pitched roofs, or between and over ceiling joists in ventilated loft spaces. Due to it being liquid it also fills more area than a standard wool insulation therefore being able to achieve a U-Value of 0.019.

Room in Roof Insulation

Many older properties that were originally built with a loft room or 'Room-in-Roof' were not insulated at the time. If insulation was installed, it is often inadequate by modern standards. Many loft rooms are therefore cold and difficult or impossible to heat.

Insulating batts are secured to the walls and ceiling of the room and slabs of Insulation are fitted between them. Plasterboard is then secured over the Insulation and skimmed ready for decoration. There is little disrupton and the whole process is usually completed in a day.

Why Choose Warm Homes Insulations?

  • Over 10 Years Industry Experience
  • Quality and Value Lead
  • Up to 25 Year Manufacturer backed guarantees
  • Leading insulation Products (SIG, Knauf, Technitherm, lappolla)
  • Nationwide Installers
  • Fully trained directly employed Installers
  • Central Estimating Team
  • Site Specific Rams
  • 100% CSCS Carded Installers


At WHNE ENERGY have we have prided ourselves in innovative insulation technics developing systems hand in hand with manufactures. Our company specialises in materials for non-conventional insulation methods from euro class 0 fire rating products to polyurethane covered insulation ideal for flat roofs. All our foam products we install are CFC free including a closed cell external wall foam suitable for waterproofing of underground walls with the highest fire rating on the market, We also install with a closed cell flood barrier meaning solid walls can now be treated with minimal disruption protecting the property in the event of floods. Cavity wall insulation closed cell structure means it does not allow water to pass through it meaning during flooding water cannot ingress though the cavity into a property. will also remain serviceable after flooding has occurred saving huge amounts in refurbishment. In Fact ‘BS85500:2015 Flood resistant and resilient construction. Guide to improving the flood performance of buildings’ advises that only closed cell polyurethane insulation should be used in flood risk areas. More information on of our website, you can also call 01914141697 to speak to a member of staff about any questions you may have or if you’d like details of one of our approved installers.

Our closed cell is suitable for:

  • Stone properties including those with random cavities
  • Properties with failed or missing wall-ties
  • High rise buildings
  • Properties with no damp proof courses
  • Cavities below 50mm
  • Properties located in exposure to wind driven rain areas or that are prone to flooding
  • Variable cavities

It is the only product to pass both the BRE (British Research Establishment) Flood Resilience Test and to meet their requirements for use in walls with defective or missing damp proof courses.


WHNE ENERGY has a closed cell foam has a huge number of benefits for owners of all types of properties.

  • Keeps your home warmer so heating bills are lower.
  • Reduces draughts making your property feel more comfortable.
  • Suitable for most types of hard to treat homes with cavity walls.
  • Is installed externally in most instances causing minimal disruption to the property owners.
  • Solves penetrating damp problems
  • Protects against wind driven rain.
  • Provides flood resilience protection.
  • Reduces condensation and mould growth on the insides of external walls.
  • Non-absorbent so will not cause damp.
  • Gives structural stability to properties where there are missing or failed wall-ties through its ability to adhere inner and outer leaves of properties together.
  • Suitable for insulating uneven width cavities.
  • Improves the energy efficiency rating of the property.

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